Stick It to your Blog!

Do you want the nifty You Can Stick It widget on your blog/site?The Stick It Widget

If you have a widget-enabled wordpress site:

  • Copy the code at the bottom of this page
  • Log into your wordpress site as an administrator
  • Go to the Presentation tab
  • Go to the Widgets sub-page
  • If you have a text widget (Text 1, Text 2, etc.) listed in ‘Available Widgets’ then drag it to the ‘Side Bar’ area
    • If you don’t have any text widgets in ‘Available Widgets’, then look below the available widgets for ‘Text Widgets’
    • Increment the number of text widgets via the drop-down and save the changes
    • Drag the new Text widget from Available Widgets to the Sidebar
  • Click on the configuration icon of the text widget in the right hand side to expand the widget
  • Give the widget a snazzy title (we suggest Stick It!)
  • Paste the code you copied from here into the large text area of the widget pop-up
  • Close the Text widget pop-up
  • Click ‘Save Changes’
  • View your site, the You Can Stick It Widget should now be proudly displayed in your sidebar

For non-Widget enabled wordpress themes, or other blogs/sites

  • Copy the code at the end of this page
  • Paste it onto your site where you want it to go
  • Hope it Works!

Disclaimer: This code is provided ‘as-is’ with no warranties or guarentees – use at your own risk

Now available in three sizes!

  • 128×128 – set the ID of the paragraph element to “dailystick” (default)
  • 200×200 – set the ID of the paragraph element to “mediumdailystick”
  • 300×300: full size! – set the ID of the paragraph element to “bigdailystick”

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